I’m Dr. Greg Payne, and welcome to my premier structural corrective care chiropractic office in Ottawa’s downtown core. In a nutshell, this means I help to take care of your whole nervous system (the main control system for everything in your body).


I’ll be straight up, our blog is a mixture of both formal and informal posts. Some days, I’ll want to provide you with educated topics, proper citations and links to further your research; while, other days I might want to post a photo of Jasper, my dog, or give you an update on my ski/cycling adventures.


This space is where we can have genuine conversation, about topics that matter to both you and our clinic at large. We hope you comment, engage and even challenge the posts that get published. This is the only way we will grow and improve to meet your chiropractic needs (including apprehensions). Feel free to suggest ideas for posts you’d like me to cover too.


Keeping with the transparency, the chiropractic world is like any other industry. There are people newly entering their profession, ones who have been practicing their craft steadily and lastly, those who live for their trade. I like to think I’m apart of the latter. Every day here, is exhilarating and full of mini-miracles that we’ll share from time to time. I get adjusted each week and take the same vitamins offered here at the clinic. Crazy, eh?


Thank you for reading our first entry. We’ll be posting again soon!


Stay awesome.
Dr. Payne

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