3 Bike Tune-Up Tips for Summer

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our Bike Tune-Up Clinic with Velofix. Adam has a mobile shop on wheels, and can come right to your house if you still need yours set up for the bike season ahead. Click here for more info.

Here are 3 Tune-Up Tips to keep in mind: 

1. Make sure your chain is cleaned and lubricated. Kate hadn’t cleaned hers in ohhh, four years. Dr. Payne will usually clean his chain after a wet or muddy ride, and then maybe skip doing this if it’s sunny out. The goal is once a week! As for the chain, it’s best to lubricate this before every ride with a bike-specific product.

2. Put the proper amount of air in your tires. If you look closely at your tire, somewhere on there you’ll notice the manufacturer has written a range for which to inflate your tires. For example: 60-80 psi. If you pump the tire to 60 psi, you’ll get a smoother ride, but could get more flat tires. If you pump the tire to 80 psi, your ride will be way faster (but bumpier). You will get less flat tires though. Choose your own adventure …

3. Test your brakes! It takes two seconds before you leave on a trip to check that your brakes are connecting properly. If you have disc breaks, they require less maintenance, but if you have the standard pads you’ll definitely want to check each time. Don’t get stuck on the road with no way to stop!

Stay Safe,
Your AVANT Team

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