Please don’t stress about sleep!

I get a lot of questions about mattresses and sleeping. What is best? How should I sleep? What type of mattress?

Over the years I have recommended many things, even sleep posture deterrents to prevent people from bad sleeping postures. However, all that really did was prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep and made them very cranky by morning.

Here is the quick and dirty version of sleeping.

  1. FIRST, PLEASE SLEEP. There are so many positive benefits from a good night’s sleep it overshadows how you should sleep. That being said, there are a few things to try. Going to sleep, you want to start on your back or side. Tummy sleeping forces your neck to be turned to breathe. This generally is not good for your neck curve and alignment.
  2. FIND SUPPORT IF PREFERRED. You may want a body pillow to “role” into for body support. This helps both with comfort and alignment of the spine.
  3. DON’T STRESS ABOUT POSITIONS. When you are asleep, you are moving around regardless of what you do. The body needs to change position to encourage blood flow in tissues. This helps tissue and joint health as well as prevents bed sores. After a sleep don’t be too concerned about the position you are in when you wake up. Just celebrate you had a good night’s sleep.

When you get your chiropractic adjustments, your standing and walking posture changes. Your sleep posture also changes for the better!

Here is a video a friend and colleague in Bolton, Ontario made about sore backs and beds.

Happy sleeping,

Dr. P.

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