Do you ride the bus? Please read.

I just rode a bus for the first time in 30 years. 

My family and I took a shuttle bus to Landsdowne Park for the Canada vs. Brazil women’s soccer game. At times, patients make comments about travelling by bus; some feel quite sore or symptoms increase after riding it to their destination. I had thought, really? It can’t be that bad. 

Well, it is. 

I noticed a few things as I was reflecting on my experience. The first is that the driver was very courteous, patients and respectful of passengers, cars and especially cyclists. I am one of them, so thanks! 

The unpredictable nature of the open road is the main culprit, even with all of the skill our driver had. Movement becomes unpredictable – especially if you need to stand. If you have symptoms that derive from a subluxation (one or more vertebra that are misaligned in your spine), I can compassionately relate to you now. 

If you can snag a seat facing forwards, this is the best option; it’ll provide the most stability possible. If you end up standing on the ride, a strong core will be your saving grace. Here is a planking article/video to get you started. The first minute goes through a basic plank. For beginners, aim for 5 sets for 30-60 seconds each. For the advanced folks, there are a ton of great variations. Please don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion. A challenge is great, but overexertion can cause more harm than good. 

Stay awesome, 

Dr. Greg Payne, D.C. 
AVANT Chiropractic

* If you’re an OC Transpo driver, or have a valid Presto Pass and would like to see what’s happening with your neck, back and spine – send me a note to for a complimentary Exam, X-Rays and Report. I’d love to meet you.